TUTORIAL, the art of living: theatre. 

YouTube is the domain of the vlogger. Tutorials, confessionals, unboxing videos.

Through the camera, an ordinary fellow man explains how to care for your pony or how to lay sods. 

It is a democratic medium that pushes the border of narcissism but also that of intimicy.  

Together with director Eva Line de Boer, we researched this internet phenomenon, starting a Youtube-channel of our own. 

The play starred two recently graduated actresses, a retired actor and teen vlogger 
Destiny with her Youtube channel Riding with pleasure

In one and a half hour the most diverse fragments of dozens of vlogs pass by, sometimes imitated, sometimes created and sometimes shown on screen. 

From 10 triggers to help you sleep to tampon reviews, we tried to show the amazing world of Youtube.

Press about Tutorial

︎ Trailer
︎  De Theaterkrant

Tutorial, the art of living premiered in march 2017 on the Cement Festival and toured the country, ending at the Nederlands Theater festival. With support from: Het Zuidelijk Toneel. Made possible by: BNG Cultuurfonds. 

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