THE MOOD OF RICARDO, a play in progress. 

Ricardo is not doing well. Four people try to get a speculative grip on the mood of their mutual friend.

The main character describes the evening when these people came together and what happened during dinner in all layers of existence: from microbiological to meta-abstract.

From the red blood cells that are bumping against each other like rubber boats while transporting oxygen in all bloodstream sitting around the table, 

to inescapable loneliness of most words in the world that, after they have been pronounced,
turned out to be mainly vibrations in the air.

The narrator shifts her focus from within the situation (observing the people she calls her friends because she can laugh with them about something she would cry about on her own) outside the situation (what else happens in the world at that time).

The gathering of the friends is rather an initial situation from where is freely associated than the start of a plot.

Plot does not interest me. I solely want to show the inner world of a person.
The crazy continuous relationship of man with his own brain. 

It is one of the few rock-solid elements in my life that feels comfortable because of its consistent presence. At the same time, it is the hardest relationship in my life.  

That hold is beautifully ironic, poetic and interesting.

I want to investigate how I write a text that shows the humour and beauty of man in relation to his consciousness.

Bellevue theatre and Over the IJ Festival are co-producing  this theatre play.  I am very exited to announce that The Mood of Ricardo is nominated for the Prins Bernards Cultuurfonds’ Theaterteksttalent Stipendium.