THE SIREN OF IRENE, theatre on location. 

For the Over het IJ Theater festival, I wrote and directed a theatre piece that was performed in a sea container.  As part of their young makers program, the short play was to been seen 6 times a day, 10 days in July 2017.

The Siren of Irene is about people on a short leish by their own consciousness. 
A music spectacle about the maddening monologue in your own head.  But above all, a play about a large group of young people who have been adhered to irony.
I was blessed with actress 
Maya Mertens who performed and composed music for the Siren of Irene. Listen to the soundtrack Aldi Lidl Tranen  on spotify.

(...) since to be really human is probably to be unavoidably sentimental and naive and goo-prone and generally pathetic.
-David Foster Wallace 

Press about The Sirene of Irene 

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