Small Things, a short film.

When Gerasimus “Gerry” Kyprianos moved to London many years ago, he had no friends, no family, all the symptoms of adult undiagnosed autism, a closeted sexuality and not enough money. All that is still true, but now he is happy – why? Because he has mudlarking. Every weekend, Gerry goes out either as a group or alone to comb the muddy banks of the Thames for centuries-old trinkets and scraps of history. He has a fine collection of clay pipes, china pots, and an assortment of coins through the ages to his name now – none valuable, but all valued by him nonetheless. He sits at home alone, eats his microwave curry meals for one, and spends hours meticulously cataloguing and cleaning his collection. It’s a good life.

When Gerry gets a letter from an eminent professor of anthropology asking if he can observe a day mudlarking, he is delighted. He has been trading letters with the dashing Professor Arnold Hesseltyne for months when they finally agree a date to go down on the south bank and see what they can find.

When Hesseltyne arrives, though, there has been a clear confusion: he is here, not to study Gerry’s finds, but Gerry himself, as part of a research paper on isolated immigrant men in their fifties in urban environments. Gerry does his best to cover up his humiliation and, once Hesseltyne has his expensive Hunter wellies on, sets out determined to show him the very best that the Thames has to offer.

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                With Harisson Daniels, Robert Luckay, Sandra Hebron  Director Sarah Blok Writer Amy Tattersal White Cinematographer Beatrice Da Gama Editor Ben Sales Sound Designer Alina Ushakova Dubbing Mixer Liam Sharpe Composer Lucas Wide Casting Director Sacha Billingham Production Designer Aragorn Horner Production Manager Ellie Lomas

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