INSIDE RIJKS, a mini documentary series.

In commission by the Rijksmuseum, I directed a series of four short portraits featuring employees of the museum. The goal of the series is to bridge the gap between the esteemed cultural institution and young people who are unfamiliar with museums. A crucial aspect of this project was the involvement of fashion designer and art department head, Lisa Konno. Together we aimed to bring a fresh aesthetic to the series.

We asked the employees to share their favorite painting and created modern versions of those paintings, featuring the employees as the main characters. This approach aims to make the artworks more relatable and to highlight the personal connections that the employees have with them.

Watch the Inside Rijks at Rijksmuseum or Mals Media

Inside Rijks is produced by Mals Media and features security guard Jan, depot employee Ihra, marketer Esi, and Rijksrestaurant head chef Yasha.