NOBU – a short film

With NOBU we made a personal portrait of a lighthearted Japanese immigrant,
trying to add humour to a fashion film and optimism to the dutch debate on integration.

NOBU arose from conversations about engagement in art. Lisa and I were surprised about how social involvement in stories is almost automatically linked to melancholy. In addition, fashion films often have a tendency not to tell a single story at all, but rather to be a collection of moving images. Often with young models looking angry at the camera. We saw a challenge to combine aesthetics with humor and engagement with light-footedness. We wanted to capture the complexity of migration in a portrait of a migrant who has never experienced migration as complex.

Director Sarah Blok
Concept & Fashion Lisa Konno
Cinematography Marc Slings
Production Sara Liz van Til
Distribution Hidde de Vries

02/05/2018  FC Hyena Amsterdam
16/08/2018  Foam Amsterdam during the Structures of Identity
14/10/2018  Tropenmuseum Amsterdam during Cool Japan Weekend
20/10/2018  Dutch Design Week Eindhoven
03/11/2018  Tropenmuseum Amsterdam during Museumnacht
28/11/2018   Eindhovens Film Festival




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